pun di road...

AURA Road Package Includes:
  • * Security Wrist Band
  • * Unlimited Premium drinks for the duration of the jump.
  • * Breakfast at the Warrens Starting Point.
  • * Light Snacks on the road
  • * Lunch at our private venue located at the Spring Garden
  • * Two Music Trucks with the best local and regional DJs
  • * Cooldown bus with air-conditioning
  • * Professional security team
  • * Ambulance with certified Emergency Medical Technicians/Paramedics
  • * Mobile restrooms
  • * Roaming photographers
  • * AURA Goodie Bags with souvenirs and Kadooment essentials

AURA Upgraded V.I.P Experience Perks include:

  • * Music Truck: Exclusive V.I.P Double Decker Music Truck with Designated V.I.P DJs.
  • * Mobile Lounge: Air condition Mobile lounge on VIP Truck for added comfort.
  • * Cool Down Bus: Access to A.C cooldown bus for a temporary relief.
  • * Bar: Convenient VIP bar stocked with Ultra-Premium alcohol for added customer service.
  • * Ultra-Premium Drinks.
  • * Premium Breakfast & Buffet Lunch: Priority Lines lead you to your premium breakfast and premium buffet lunch and dessert after the jump.
  • * Mobile Backpack Check: Check-in your backpack to take the load off while you party.
  • * Photographer & Videographer: Designated photographer & videographer for V.I.P section.
  • * Free pass for S.O.S All-Inclusive Cruise: Aura Premium (Drink Free) Boat Ride on the M.V Harbor Master on the 2nd August 2022.
  • * Complimentary Access to Aura Pop-up Parties: Complimentary access to aura pop-up parties. Stay tuned for our exclusive locations!