Q: Is there  a sizing chart


Q: What is the cost of the VIP Package and what does it include?

A: The cost of the VIP package is $280.00 USD. This package is available to Frontlines, Midlines and Male costumes only. The VIP package is included in the cost of the Individual costumes. All persons that purchase the VIP upgrade also receive a complimentary ticket to the AURA SOS Premium Drinks-Inclusive Cruise.

The VIP package includes:

  • Everything in the General Road Package
  • Mobile Lemon Grass food experience
  • Exclusive VIP Double Decker AC music truck with balcony and with designated DJs
  • Premium Aura Cocktails
  • Ultra-Premium Drinks
  • Mobile Backpack Check
  • Premium Breakfast and Buffet Lunch
  • VIP Photographer and Videographer on the road

Q: Where can I view the Aura Experience costumes?

A: Our costumes can be viewed online at www.auraforcropover.com or at our band house located at Garfield Sobers Gymnasium in Wildey, St. Michael.

Q: What is the down payment amount for my costume?

A: The amounts for each section vary. Please pay special attention to the information provided with the images on our website.

Down payments typically are:

  • Backlines: $250 USD deposit is required
  • Males:  $200 USD deposit is required
  • Frontlines: $350 USD deposit is required
  • Individuals:  $600 USD deposit is required

ALL costume deposits are non-refundable.

Always register through www.auraforcropover.com or at our conveniently located Band House to ensure that your registration is valid.


Q: Do you offer a pre-registration process?

A: We do not provide a pre-registration process, please stay close to our social media pages for additional information on our registration process.

Q: How do I register to jump with AURA Experience?

A: Registration can take place in our Band House located at Garfield Sobers Gymnasium in Wildey, St. Michael. Revelers can also sign up on our website, www.auraforcropover.com.

Q: I did not get a costume in my desired section. Will you be opening up more costumes?

A: Unfortunately, once a section is listed as SOLD OUT on our website and social media spaces the section will not be reopened.

Q: I’m unable to collect my costume… Can another person collect on my behalf?

A: Yes, you must provide that individual with a copy of your ID as well as a letter stating their name and ID number, granting them permission to collect the costume on your behalf. Costumes will not be released to customers without the required documentation.

Q: When do I collect my costume?

A: The costume distribution schedule will be sent via email and posted on our social media accounts.  Different sections will have different distribution dates. 

Q: I missed my collection date – what do I do?

A: You can collect your costume on any day after your designated date, however priority is given to persons collecting on their designated day. The final day of costume collection will be announced via our social media pages.

Q: I don’t arrive until Sunday; will I still be able to collect my costume?

A: Unfortunately, our Band House will be closed on Sunday. Saturday is the final day for costume collection. Please contact us should you have any unusual travel arrangements at aurafacropova@gmail.com

Q: How can I pay for my costume?

A: Payments can be made with cash at the band house. Cheques are not accepted for payment at the Band House. Persons that wish to use credit card can make payments online via http://www.auraforcropover.com/. Payments will be processed through our partner MasOS.

Q: I’ve collected my costume, but it does not fit.

A: We are unable to assist with any adjustments to the costumes. It is important that you state your correct sizes at the time of costume registration based on the sizing chart provided.

Q: What do I get when I come to Costume Distribution?

A: You will receive your costume bag, an AURA Goodie Bag, your AURA cup and your 2024 security Wristband.  Your costume is not complete without a wristband and masqueraders not wearing their wristband will be removed from the band.


Q: I have a comment / complaint – who do I speak to?

A: Please send any comments to aurafacropova@gmail.com.

Q: How do I join the AURA Experience Mailing list?

A: Log on to our secure website, www.auraforcropover.com and include your email address.

Q: I have questions about my costume, who do I contact?

A: Please send an email to aurafacropova@gmail.com.

Q: Who are our partners for 2024?

A: We have our One Island Entertainment, Rum and Music, Turnt Barbados, WeTing and ScrochBim family on board with us for the season.

Q: What other events do you have for Crop Over?

A: AURA’s events for the season include AURA SOS Premium Drinks All Inclusive Cruise, our thank you cruise on August 6th, 2024, and several pop-up parties throughout the season. Join our mailing list to receive regular updates on our events.

Q: What number is Aura Experience on the road?

A:  We will announce our number on the road once received by the National Cultural Foundation. This may change, subject to their instructions; the number is used as a guide for our revelers. All band members are asked to assemble at the Warrens Starting point for 7.30 am, regardless of band position on the road.

Q: I’m interested in sponsoring the band – who do I contact?

A: Please email us at aurafacropova@gmail.com

Q: Can my friend or relative jump in the band without a costume?

A: No, AURA only allows paying revelers to jump in the band. Any person found in violation of the instructions of our security will be removed from the band, repeated attempts to ignore security and persons will be referred to our police.

Q: Do you sell just wristbands?

A: No, we are a costume band. All members are asked to review our website and wear the costume as well as their security wristband.

Q: What music is played on the road?

A: AURA offers a variety of music on the road to appeal to revelers from throughout the Caribbean with two music trucks for your enjoyment.

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